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DA is NOT Selling your Art

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 12, 2016, 6:27 PM

Hey guys DA is not selling your art, that is really old information that is no longer true. Please read this  DA IS NOT SELLING YOUR WORK W/O YOUR PERMISSIONSaw someone post a "warning" journal about this yesterday (and luckily they were shown that it's actually not correct), and now two artists on Tumblr I follow also reblogged it.
SO LETTING MY WATCHERS KNOW that it's not true.
You can read it up here:
It's 2 years old, so I hope it dies at some point. Your work isn't being used to make money without your permission! All that DA does is might use it on their site itself, like they do when showing news articles and whatnot. They aren't making money from it!
 and this  dA is Not Selling Your Works to Third PartydA is Not Selling Your Works to Third Party Royalty Free
Hot Topic selling artist's works without permission
A Tumblr post has been circulating, where Hot Topic is selling artist's works as T-shirts in their store, including popular fan art without the artist's permission, deviant artists included. It caught on wildfire when one user linked to deviantART's Submission Policy, stating users gave permission to dA by agreeing to their Terms of Service thereby allowing dA to sell it to third party royalty free.

This is false and inaccurate!
deviantART's Response:
"We appreciate the rallying of the community around the rights of this artist. Rights and ownership of artwork are an important cause which
.  Everything is fine. You are free to create other accounts to show off your amazing art but don't let something like this scare you away from DA. They have also come out stating that it is old and no longer true. Please read before making any rash decisions.

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