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Keepin It Separate

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2016, 11:00 AM

Well, I have decided to keep 2 life's of mine separate from each other, my drawing and my writing. My writing accounts will only have my nickname while my drawings will purposely have fake names. I want to keep them separate because, well to me they are 2 different sides of myself. My drawing is more for fun and excitement while my writing is more serious and focus driven. I don't want them linked anymore because I don't want people to be forced to like two sides when they clearly only prefer one or the other. My watermark on my images will still stay the same for now, I don't really have a plan to change it as of yet. I will also leave the links in my description area alone, but I will be changing the description themselves a bit, just to hide that they are for a story I've written. All right that should be all the info for now. I will try to return to drawing again soon it is just right now I am in a writing craze. Update all of y'all soon, love you :glomp:

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Hi emoticon 

All righty guys like the title says Anime Otaku Ch 1 is done, now I will be able to get that child book project under way. If you want to see how the book is going to look and junk I am only uploading those images to my Facebook page, so if you want to see just go their. Let see what else their is still my Guardian Angel Ch if you haven't read that, all the links will be down below. If any of you are looking forward to seeing my Valhalla characters I will be getting them done, along with figuring out how the world is going to look. Oooh over the whole Christmas shtick I got Kingdom Hearts 2.5 I was super happy to finally play Birth By Sleep on the big screen TV and not a tiny ass portable game lol. Last week I finally watched and finished season 1 of Game of Thrones, that's right I finally watched the show, I got it as a Christmas present :la: I might be doing some fan art of that show, I want to try a new style when I do though, you will see if I ever get around to doing fan art of the show, I still wanna see Outlander though lol. Let's see what else, I think that is it for my update for know if you wanna ask me anything go ahead and ask and read my mangas, have fun enjoy and have a good week guys.

Facebook Page

Tumblr Page

Anime Otaku Ch 1 Pg 1 by TaCDLunaria91 Anime Otaku Ch 1 Pg 1

Guardian Angel Ch 1 Pg 1 by TaCDLunaria91 Guardian Angel Ch 1 Pg 1

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Inspiring Artists

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 11:27 AM


Stolen from :iconrunawaywithyou:

-Choose at least 10 artists that inspire you and tell us why 
-Show at least 5 deviations from those artists that you love
-Tag at least 10 artists

In no particular order.

Kaminary was one of the very first artist on Deviant Art that I started following because of her beautiful Sailor Moon fan art. Her drawings are so colorful and very flowy if that is even a word lol.
moonlight by kaminary-san Sailor Moon Crystal shot by kaminary-san Anime shot by kaminary-san AioN by kaminary-san 4 sketches collage by kaminary-san

Chikukko was one of the first traditional artist I followed here on Deviant Art. She goes back and forth from color pencil, copic, even digital. Her Manga The Black Earl is amazing, so much feels.
Lover's Picnic by Chikukko The Queen of Serethe by Chikukko Dream Reaper by Chikukko<da:thumb id="481486429"/> Rendezvous by Chikukko

Archie semi realism drawings are just amazing, the fan art and even the book covers are too beautiful. Some of the drawings can get a little mature but they are beautiful none the less.

Mature Content

Bride Games by Archie-The-RedCat
Lucera by Archie-The-RedCat Chimaera Nue by Archie-The-RedCat Sailor Mars by Archie-The-RedCat Indygo Xmast by Archie-The-RedCat

Magion characters are always drawn with such amazing details, it makes me want to try harder when it comes to creating characters. The semi realism Magion creates is always jaw dropping.
Project Senshi Shoujo Scyther by magion02 Boa Hancock by magion02 Kill La Kill by magion02 Sailor Mars Remastered by magion02 Ambush 109 by magion02

I love Daekazu small strip comics, they always make me laugh. I also love how beautifully colorful his drawings are, even his dark drawings have a hint of color n them.
Karo by daekazu Sailor Moon: Crazy Hair by daekazu BeYouTiful by daekazu Half Frozen Heart: Anna and Elsa by daekazu The Chrysanthemum Seal by daekazu

As you can tell I very much love artists who put a lot of color in their drawings lol. The characters and the environments are always drawn with such details and dynamics that in each drawing there is always something going on.
RackTheJipper - Shane and JAck by Avionetca Orphen5555- power by Avionetca Team Fortress2 - Bread Madnes by Avionetca DRAGON BALL Z fanart by Avionetca ErikCosplay - abandoned puppet by Avionetca

Edgar drawings are always so beautiful, they have some maturity to them but to me it seems with purpose. The environments he draws are always amazing, I always wonder how they are done.
Immaculate by EdgarSandoval Lumina Trinquette Challenge by EdgarSandoval Space explorer by EdgarSandoval Frozen by EdgarSandoval Miss Morrrigan and ChunLi Trinquette by EdgarSandoval

Oh my god the drawings Zenith has made always fills me with inspiration, the coloring in each drawing or even the way how each picture is drawn just seems so diffirent every time. I can never stop looking at them.
SS2013: To f-wd by ZenithOmocha Commission: Valerie by ZenithOmocha Commission: Ibisroasterko by ZenithOmocha Commission: Aka by ZenithOmocha Commission: Alice by ZenithOmocha

Kylee was one of the first deviant artist that I followed where she would upload short animation cycles. I also loved how super colorful her drawings are they are just super amazing and remind me of the old anime shows like Megaman and Sonic.
Wonder by SonicRocksMySocks VALOR - Hiiro by SonicRocksMySocks JUMP! by SonicRocksMySocks Let's Write a Song by SonicRocksMySocks Happy HalloWEEn by SonicRocksMySocks

:icontsuzukikun: :iconsailoralcyone:
Same Person
Brooke Sailor Moon line art is what first drawn me to her page along with the fact that her strong female, comic book style characters is awesome. Since then she has been also coloring her line art with either color pencil or copic, I love the fire effects and the glittering she adds in her drawings, it's just amazing.
Comm: ACEO #82 - Arluthia - Jateshi by Tsuzukikun Freedom to fly by Tsuzukikun OSI 2014 Qualification Entry - Alcyone by SailorAlcyone Comm: ACEO #70 - Nova - Hatterrose by SailorAlcyone

Sureya line art is just amazing and so clean. What really surprised me with her line art is that it is all traditional not digital. Her level of detail on the characters makes me also try harder when it comes to creating characters.
little sesshomaru-sama... by sureya ea akemi... by sureya her sacrifice... by sureya the caterpillar... by sureya serenity and endymion... by sureya

Oh my god I think my taste in art has matured so much, before I would stay away from artists like Lehanan because of well the maturity of the drawings and how some of them came to be pretty hardcore, now I just get amazed and inspired by her art and how beautiful they are. From traditional to digital I just jaw drop lol.
Frozen - The Sad Queen - Elsa by Lehanan

Mature Content

Arena - Obsession by Lehanan
Outlander - Healing at the Abbey by Lehanan Shingeki no Kyojin - Nippon-Ku POSTER by Lehanan Tangled - Flynn sketch by Lehanan

I just love Kate environments in her drawings, I just want to sit on my computer look for a good city or forest and just try and draw it lol. Her drawings can get pretty dark but I would see that she would make up for it for putting amazing glows in her pictures whether it is from the sun or even fish.
Gold fever by Kate-FoX We are GROOT by Kate-FoX Commissions: Kolshio by Kate-FoX Dead City by Kate-FoX Fox in a gas mask by Kate-FoX

Oh my god Lemia traditional drawings inspire me to try drawing in color pencil every now and then, too bad I can sometimes never figure out how to blend color properly lol. Lemia medium would change form color pencil, copic, or even water color, she would even do two or three mediums in one drawing and you would get this amazing, colorful, detail drawings.
Watercolor Poster Samus Aran with Baby Metroid by LemiaCrescent Staedtler Fineliners from Jetpens - Piper + ManToy by LemiaCrescent The Little Mermaid Nautical Watercolor Painting by LemiaCrescent Genderbent Princess Zelda (Prince Zeldo?) lol by LemiaCrescent Breath of Fire Ursula by LemiaCrescent

It's funny that I stole this journal tag from her and put her last but their is a reason.
Kris environments and background are just super detailed, you can definitely tell she follows reference when she draws. It's actually because of her that I am willing to try detailing my environments, sometimes to no avail lol, but I do try. Even the way she lights her pictures I just feel like crying, in a good way mind you, of how beautiful it looks.
Offaly by runawaywithyou O'Farrell Tommy and Elise by runawaywithyou St Jordi 2014 by runawaywithyou Cork by runawaywithyou Commission for Kendall by runawaywithyou

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My Deviant Art Story*With A Story lol*

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 10:35 AM

Hi emoticon

I thought I try this deviant art story too, I'm pretty sure I'm too late for it but whatever lol. Well I've been on Deviant Art for four years now, five in December. I've met a lot of great artists here on DA that have inspired me to better myself as an artist and I would like to say that I have improved in these past four years.
*I've been into anime for a really long time since . . . god I can't remember, since Sailor Moon use to air early in the morning before leaving for school, oh I remember 3rd grade lol. Since then I drew nothing but Sailor Moon character, and when I got to 5th grade Sailor Galaxy was born, except before she was called Sailor Element Bad Augury..Onion lol I know right. Many of my characters have come a very long way since I first drew them back in 2000 something. When I got to Full Sail University is when I started to use Deviant Art and that is also when I started using photoshop. I'm still pretty new to it, and now I hear about these other programs I want to try like Sai and Mischief but I need money and I'm broke onion sad Anyway let's go through the years of my art.*

<da:thumb id="148041606"/> <da:thumb id="148042857"/> <da:thumb id="148043033"/>

This was the first thing I uploaded here on DA, it was part of a school project, but the first art for me that I have done was this piece:

Valhalla of the Flames by TaCDLunaria91

She was was first real art here on DA, I was really proud in how she came out, and before I was doing everything in color pencil and next thing I new I moved to digital:

<da:thumb id="158254910"/>
And here is my first digital piece ... , wow I've come a long way lol.

Secret Santa for Straykit by TaCDLunaria91 Secret Santa for Middeniht by TaCDLunaria91 Commission for SailorAlcyone by TaCDLunaria91 The Silver Crystal by TaCDLunaria91

Look what I have done, these are my latest digital work. Since I have started DA I went from color pencil, to photoshop, to creating my first manga. There are so many aspiring artists here that I really can't stop what I am doing, and now I am working on a game with my boyfriend. I very much can't wait to show you what I have been doing in 3D programs, now that my manga is done I will be able to work on it so wish me luck on that. I've met a couple of people on here but I don't think we have progressed to the point of friend ship, at least not yet, I would very much like too. The point of me joining DA wasn't to show off my work but make friends with other artists here on DA, help and be helped by other artists too, and to show off my work lol th FunnyIdea Anyway, I hope this helps tell you a little bit about me and why I started here on DA.

Inspiring Artists:
:icontsuzukikun: :iconsailoralcyone: :iconsureya: :iconzenithomocha: :iconwarrenlouw: :iconstarca: :iconlemiacrescent: :iconkoveliana: :iconavionetca: :iconsonicrocksmysocks: :iconkimir-ra: :iconsionra: :iconsakimichan: :iconikr: :iconkalisama: :iconmagion02: :iconkaminary-san: :iconchikukko: :iconmttoto: :icondaekazu: :iconkate-fox: :iconfirefly-path: :iconprecia-t: :iconsophie--chan: :iconrunawaywithyou: :iconartgerm: :iconnuaran: :iconruri-dere: :iconooneithoo: :iconbitter-cherry: :iconinma: :iconvioletky: :iconlehanan: :iconvanrah: :iconemilysculpts: :iconkutty-sark: :iconrann-poisoncage: :iconnaschi:

These artists are the reason I am still on Deviant Art.

La la la 

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So You've Decided To Talk To An Artist

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 6:48 PM
Link to Actual Article…

By Phantom42

I don’t consider myself an artist, but most of my friends are, and I’m married to one. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of behavior that ranges from awkward to outright unacceptable. Here are some dos and don’ts to ensure that your experience with an artist is a good one for both parties. This is based on things I’ve seen myself, and from stories told to me by artists.
Don’t tell an artist, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" or "I would totally buy that!" if you’re not ready and/or willing to back it up with an actual purchase. Artists love that you love the piece, but often produce pieces/quantities based on apparent interest and potential customers. Gauges of potential buyers and gauges of general interest are both very important, but they are very different.
Do tell an artist that you love the piece. Just be honest about it. It’s OK if it’s out of your price range. It’s OK if you have no practical use or place for a piece. Most artists get the warm fuzzies just from honest compliments even if you’re not going to be a paying customer.
Don’t assume that every message to an artist is going to get a response. Most artists read every message they get, but don’t always have time to respond to everything.

Do give the artist some time to respond. Some artists get a lot of messages and have to balance their time responding with their workload and still make time to be a person and have a life outside of art.


Don’t comment on a piece telling the artist how much it reminds you of some other artist’s work or other character (unless you’re calling them out on a blatant copyright violation). In your mind, you may see it as a compliment. You loved the art style in some movie, and this seems similar to you - you’re complimenting this artist, right?! The artist may have been influenced by that same work, but most are consciously aiming to evolve from that influence. Just as it’s dangerous to tell someone that you notice that they look good after losing some weight (“What, I didn’t look good before?!” or “No, I haven’t. Do I normally look fat?!”), not everyone sees this as a compliment.

 Do be specific about compliments. “I really like the pose” or “This really captures the movement well.”
Don’t tell an artist what they should do next. “This is awesome! You should do this other character next!” The only people artists need to take instructions from are themselves and paying customers. 
Do politely tell the artist what subjects you might like to see. There’s a big difference in tone between, “Do my favorite character next!” and “I would love to see more art along these lines, possibly of this character.”
Don’t tell artists how to use their tools or materials better. You don’t know what they’ve tried or what they do. They may have tried it and it didn’t work. Lots of ideas sound good in our heads or on paper, and don’t work out as well in reality.
Do ask artists how they use their tools or materials. Ask if they’ve tried it your way. Offer informed insight. This boils down to attitude and tone. Bad: “Do this instead.” Good: After a conversation leading to it, “have you tried doing this instead?”
Don’t assume or expect artists to share their tricks, techniques, sources of materials or services with you. Some are open; some are guarded. There is no right, and no wrong. They don’t owe you anything. Most sources of materials or services are near the top of the page if you do a simple web search.
Do be gracious and actually respond if they answer your question about tricks, techniques, sources, or services. If they took the time to answer your question about something, a minimum of “Thank you.” is in order
Don’t ask for freebies, or free/spec work. For many artists, art isn’t a hobby - it’s their living. They don’t have time to make you free art. We’re all very sure that your new game/book/comic/restaurant/store really is going to be the next big thing. Part of building a business the right way is properly valuing your talent and assets - that includes the artists you hire - “hire” being the operative word. Exposure is great. Food on the table is even better.
Do contact artists with well thought out opportunities that acknowledge and value their time, skill, and effort. Just understand that they may not be as passionate about your project as you are. 
Don’t be a creeper or be inappropriate. Just because you’ve gotten a response to an email or comment, or because you’ve purchased something from an artist, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re BFF’s now. Being friendly is not the same as being friends. Until you’re friends, a general rule would be to not say anything that would be inappropriate to say to any random person on the street.
Do be conscious of boundaries. Be polite, complete your transactions or interactions, and move along. 
Don’t come across like a five year-old (unless you are one). No one is expecting your message to read like a Pulitzer winning story, but thoughts should be mature and cohesive. Proper grammar and punctuation go a long way.
Do proofread your messages before you hit post/send. If you’re dealing with an artist in person, pause for a moment and think about what you’re about to say - and don’t ever be a creeper or inappropriate.
Don’t ask if you can ask a question. This tip is brought you by the Department of Redundancy Department.
Do check the artist’s FAQ and relevant descriptions if applicable. If your question has not already been answered, just ask it. 
Don’t automatically assume that the artist knows as much about your favorite fandom as you do. Artists often know just enough about a subject to complete a piece. 
 Do express your love for your favorite character or fandom, just remember that you may be the only one who shares the love.
Don’t ask why a piece of art “costs that much”. A piece of art is not the end product of just the time and materials to create a piece. It is a result and sum total of the artist’s career as an artist as they learn and hone their skills,  as well as the materials and time spent creating that particular piece.
Do ask how much an available piece costs (assuming that the price isn’t already listed. You looked right?)
Don’t tell an artist you “wish [you] could afford this.” Most artists see this as a passive-aggressive complaint about their prices, which are usually underpriced to begin with. If you can’t afford a piece, that’s on you, not the artist. 
Do begin saving up for a piece if you’re honestly interested in it, or contact the artist about getting a custom piece done in the future.
Don’t ask how much another customer paid for a custom piece of art.  The price charged to the previous customer was the agreed upon price at the time. It is possible, and even likely, that the price will be different. Artists learn something new with almost every piece they do. What took 10 hours the first time may only take 8 hours the next. But an artist’s hourly rate may have gone up. Prices of materials may have changed. The cost to produce a piece varies constantly. Plus, it’s just a little gauche.
Do ask if prints are available (after checking the description, of course).

By Phantom42

Link to Actual Article…

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Feautures (Open)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 2, 2013, 9:02 AM
The Rules:
* The first 9 people's avatar commenting this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their gallery will be put on the list below!
* If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place.
* The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
* If this journal gets full, don't worry I will put you on the next Journal Batch feature.

Journal Skin By: Vampgirl31
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 3, 2013, 7:48 AM
My Commissions are open, paypal only.

1. :bademoticon::iconsailoralcyone: :bademoticon:




I will have 4 slots available, after each successful commission I will open up two more slots. If you want to commission me then just drop me a note titled "Commission" with the character you want done, ref images, and the type of commission you want me to do. I will be doing sketches of the drawing and show you when the sketch is done, if you like it then pay me the payment and I will finish it, if you don't like it I will redo the sketch until you like it.

:bademoticon: Waiting Payment :bademoticon:
:bademoticon: Payed :bademoticon:
:bademoticon: In Progress :bademoticon:
:bademoticon: Done :bademoticon:

**Will Draw**
Original Characters
Fan Art
Actual Cannon Couples
My Little Ponies-Human Versions
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Commercial Name Cards

**Won't/Can't Draw**
Fan Cannon Yaoi
Fan Cannon Yuri
Fan Cannon Couples
My Little Ponies-Pony Versions
Special Commission by TaCDLunaria91 Head Shot Commission by TaCDLunaria91 Commission Open-ACEO Cards- by TaCDLunaria91

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