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Keepin It Separate

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2016, 11:00 AM

Well, I have decided to keep 2 life's of mine separate from each other, my drawing and my writing. My writing accounts will only have my nickname while my drawings will purposely have fake names. I want to keep them separate because, well to me they are 2 different sides of myself. My drawing is more for fun and excitement while my writing is more serious and focus driven. I don't want them linked anymore because I don't want people to be forced to like two sides when they clearly only prefer one or the other. My watermark on my images will still stay the same for now, I don't really have a plan to change it as of yet. I will also leave the links in my description area alone, but I will be changing the description themselves a bit, just to hide that they are for a story I've written. All right that should be all the info for now. I will try to return to drawing again soon it is just right now I am in a writing craze. Update all of y'all soon, love you :glomp:

  • Listening to: Two Steps from Hell
  • Reading: WOW Tides of War
  • Watching: Zoo
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 10
  • Eating: Bake Potato
  • Drinking: Cran Pom
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September 25, 2016


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